Webex: a new way to communicate

Webex is an online video conferencing system from IT giant Cisco Systems which allows people and companies to get together in a fuss-free and greener way. ‘Virtual’ meetings by video link replace the need for people to get together physically in one place, reducing unnecessary travel and wasted time.

The system combines real-time desktop sharing with phone conferencing, so everybody sees the same thing while they talk. You can review documents and develop ideas as you would if you were round the same table. The software required can be readily downloaded and Poundbury Systems will show users how it works.

 Could you use a Webex licence?

Dorset County Council, West Dorset District Council and Business Link have teamed up with Poundbury Systems Ltd to promote a meaningful trial of web-based conferencing in Dorset.

Through Poundbury Systems and Cisco Systems, Webex will be enabling a number of businesses and individuals to trial video conferencing at no cost. The typical cost of a Webex licence to a small business would be £35 per month, but for 12 months 25 licences will be made available to likely Dorset champions of the new system. Usage of the system will be tracked to demonstrate how often it has been of value.

Could your company make good use of video conferencing?

If so, please tell us – without delay. We’re looking for likely champions of the technology who will be ableto help demonstrate its worth to Dorset businesses.

If you would like to join the Webex project, e-mail webex@poundbury.com to register your interest. Please act quickly – the trial starts soon.

More information is available from:

Matthew Butcher, Economic Development Manager, Business Link in Dorset: matthew.butcher@businesslinkwessex.co.uk

Clare Jenkins, Director, Poundbury Systems Ltd: clare.jenkins@poundbury.com

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