Poundbury Dorset joins rest of world in needing all you can eat bandwidth

Like the rest of the world consumers and businesses in Poundbury Dorset need more and more bandwidth for their landline and wireless communications. Many of the software applications that they use are ” in the cloud “. Around 66% of all small businesses are using the cloud whilst 80% of applications are using a cloud platform.






The top uses of the cloud are:


1. Web ( site ) Hosting


2. Email Hosting


3. Application Hosting


with Backup, file sharing, CRM and software access being other uses.

Social Media related usage is becoming a significant part of the bandwidth usage.


To get the highest bandwidth’s requires the installation of fibre-optic cables to the building. Although at one time it looked like fibre-optic cable would make it to the desktop this has not happened except in specialist businesses or those that need the speed and bandwidth and have the money to pay for it e.g. trading rooms and  design businesses.













Mobile phone bandwidth and speed has steadily improved as have the other wireless communications methods like satellite communications, wi-fi and wi-max and point to point wireless communications.

Economics has always meant that the highest populated areas get the high bandwidth communications first while rural, sparsely populated areas have to do the best they can with mobile and satellite/wi-fi/wi-max solutions.


That there will be more applications needing more bandwidth is a given. Forward thinking Telecommunications and Information Technology companies are always looking at the ways in which they can provide higher bandwidth, ” better ” communications for consumers and business’s.






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