Our Back up can save your personal files from the new Cryptolocker virus

The threat of viruses is always apparent with your PC and usually just making sure your anti-virus software is up to date and running regular scans is enough to protect yourself. There is however a strain of computer virus known as ‘ransomware’. The most recent, and by far the most advanced, form of this as known as ‘Cryptolocker’.

Simply having anti-virus software is not enough to stop this ‘Trojan virus’ as it targets your personal files and encrypts them with a practically unbreakable encryption.  It most often hides itself as a PDF attachment with e-mails and is released when you open it.  It then proceeds to encrypt all files across your hard drive and any other drives or mapped networks attached to your PC.

Cryptolocker then sends a message announcing that the only way to retrieve your files is to pay a ransom of normally two ‘Bit coins’, these are a form of digital currency that equates to around £500. Simply attempting to remove the virus with your protection software will eliminate any chance of paying the ransom and retrieving any already encrypted files.

The best, and quite possibly only, way to prevent the loss of one’s files is to have them backed up in a different location. Poundbury Systems can help here, we provide a secure way to back up your data making it easy to retrieve should you be unfortunate enough for anything like the above occur to your PC. Your data can be protected and stored in one of our off-site storage at leading FutureLine Assure enabled data centres. This means 100% of your backed up files will be retrievable after you’ve eliminated the virus.

To find out how we can help you protect your personal data call Clare on 01305 259849 and discuss how we can help you to create a back up.

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