Moving Offices

Moving Office? – How We Can Help

Moving office is stressful enough, without having to deal with moving telephone lines and your computer equipment. At PSL, we offer a range of services designed to remove the stress of moving the technical side of your operations.

1. New Telephone Lines

Is the ‘jargon’ telephone providers use too complicated, or are you fed up of being on hold for ages?

Whether you are moving your telephone lines and broadband exactly as they are, or using the opportunity to improve your communications, we can take the hassle away from you. We will liaise with you to ensure that your new premises have the correct telephone lines installed ready for you to move in.

We will talk through all your requirements with you and document them. As soon as you have approved them, we will proceed with the schedule of works. In order to ensure no disruption of service, we recommend that you begin this process at least 30 days before you are due to move.

Cost: £25 for Support Service Customers/£50 for Non Support Service Customers. Per order.

2. Re-connection Service

Have you ever disconnected cables from your PC and then not been sure where to put them all back again, or have you simply got more important things to do than plug back in all your PCs, especially if you’ve got a complicated network with a server at its heart?

We can arrive at a pre-scheduled time and re-connect your PCs, phones and networking equipment exactly as they were in your old premises.

You will be visited by us before your move; we will note exactly what equipment you have and label it, also noting how it is connected, and who sits where. We will produce a document that details all of this and return it to you for your signature. Once this is agreed we will schedule a visit for one of our engineers to visit you and connect your equipment.

Cost: £200 for Support Service Customers / £400 for Non Support Service Customers per 5 PC’s.

3. Cabling

Do you need help making sense of the ‘spaghetti like’ wiring at your new offices?

We can provide a full cabling service to meet your needs. We will liaise with you, agree a schedule of works, including marked floor plans and complete the works for a fixed price in an agreed timescale

Cost: Price on application.

Alternatively for the price below we can project manage your contractor to do the above.

Cost: £100 for Support Service Customers / £200 for Non Support Service Customers.

4. The all encompassing office move service

Would you like to sit back and let someone else worry about the whole technical side of your move, leaving you to cope with all the other tasks you have to do?

We will organise moving your phone lines and Internet services and re-connect your PC’s all as described above, as well as Project Managing any cabling works that aren’t being carried out by us.

Cost: £300 for Support Service Customers / £600 for Non Support Service Customers.

Don’t forget, we can provide new telephone systems as well. Give us a call for a competitive quote.

All services are subject to our Terms & Conditions. Please ask for details.