PSL Health Check

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly where you stand with your IT?

Our Health check gives you a full review of your IT operations, leaving you with a complete picture of your current IT position. On completion of the review, you will receive a detailed report highlighting any areas that need immediate attention as well as our proposed solution for your long term development.

Armed with this information you can move forward, maximising the return you have already made to date on your IT. We can help you optimise your efficiency and effectiveness which should help you see an improvement in your bottom line. Working with us as your trusted business partner increases the time you have to get on with running your business.

The analysis covers the following areas:

Security – Is your vital company data secure from the outside world?

Do you have a firewall? Is it correctly configured? Do you understand what it does and more importantly what its limitations are?

We can answer these questions for you and recommend the best possible course of action for you to protect your computers from the outside world.

Data protection – Would it matter if all of your staff could see your payroll and other confidential files?

Many people are unaware how their data is stored and more importantly accessed. All data storage should be limited to those who need to access it. Invariably managers are unaware that complicated systems have been configured in such a way as to allow all users access to confidential files such as personnel and payroll. For example, just because a folder has your name on it, doesn’t mean that other people can’t see it. We can check with you exactly who should be able to see which files and configure your equipment accordingly. We can also advise you on best practice with regard to passwords, etc.

Virus check and update – Are you sure you haven’t got any viruses or perhaps worse spy software?

Expiry dates of existing software will be noted so that we can update software at the right time. All machines will be scanned for any pre-existing viruses and spy-ware. Anti-spy-ware software will also be loaded onto machines.(1) We will load a trial version of our recommended software if your machines are un-protected, giving you 30 days to decide how best to protect them.

Back-up policy – Can you afford to lose all of your business data? Would you survive?

Many people don’t have a back-up policy. Those that do usually leave the back-ups next to the original data or don’t realise that fire proof boxes won’t prevent their back-ups from melting. We can give you expert advice on how to set up automated procedures to make back-ups easy and part of your daily routine.

Software – Are you legal? An external audit can help with policies and certifications.

We would ask that you have all licenses, keys, discs, etc. gathered together in one place to allow us to carry out a full audit. People often find that through misunderstandings, software has been used on multiple PC’s when it is only licensed for one. Not only does this leave managers liable to prosecution, duplicated software often gives rise to user problems. We can recommend the best way to rectify any errors.

Hardware – Is anything broken? Is anything about to break?

Any obvious faults such as broken items will be noted as well as other areas where improved hardware may increase performance and hence productivity. We can also assist with planning refresh programmes to ensure continued reliability.

Equipment Audit

We will audit the hardware to provide you with a list of serial numbers and specifications, which is useful for insurance and other purposes.

Settings – Do your PC’s need a tune up?

We will install all Windows and Office updates. This makes the PC as secure as possible and fixes known bugs with this software. We will also check all PC settings. Often factory settings are not appropriate to your office environment and may need to be changed to gain optimum efficiency. During the course of their lives, PC’s are also often ‘fiddled with’ by users. This can impact on others things that users may not be aware of.

Remote Access – Would you like to make your IT problems someone else’s? Or better still, make them go away?

We will configure your PC’s, Mac’s and servers to enable us to take control of them remotely, saving you time and worry when you have a problem.(2)

Improved structure – Is your network reliable?

As part of your report you will receive a detailed network diagram showing you exactly what equipment you have and how it all inter-relates. We can also highlight bottlenecks on the network, potential security risks and proposals for a more effective structure.

Training recommendations – Are you getting the most from your software?

Many people use software quite adequately, but a short course may allow them to access some of the higher functions of the package, or simply just use it better and therefore faster. We can recommend any areas we think training may help.

Long-term strategy – Do you know where you are going and how to get there?

We may see things that may need to be upgraded or improved in the future. In addition to this, a complete picture of all your resources will enable us to better recommend additional devices as and when they are required. If, for example you employ more staff, we can ensure that the hardware and software you buy for them will not cause conflict with the current structure of your system. An analysis of how you are using your IT on a day-to-day basis should allow us to recommend the best overall design.

We will also take a ‘helicopter approach’ strategic view and suggest ways you can use technology to relieve some of your business pain points, allowing you to reduce costs and create a competitive advantage when communicating with your customers.

(1) Anti-spy ware software will only be loaded onto PC’s with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. Mac’s are not included in the virus check and update. This process can be disruptive as the user cannot have access to their PC while the scan and removal of viruses is in place.
(2) Remote access is limited to those customers who take out a support contract with us and have the right level of broadband access and a suitable router.