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Ethernet in the First Mile ( EFM ) Options in Dorset

We discuss some options to Broadband ( ADSL ) and Leased Line Internet Connections The main difference between EFM and ADSL is that EFM uses multiple pairs of wires to increase the speed       As you ( probably ) know Broadband services are being enhanced nationwide in the UK and you may well [...]

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Part of Webconferencing system at Poundbury Systems Limited

New Web Conferencing System installed in Poundbury’s Dorset Offices

Video Conferencing for skype and Microsoft lync needed a test bed Demonstration system installed ready to assist clients   Poundbury has recently installed a dedicated web conferencing system to enhance communications with customers and suppliers and to help test relevant emerging video conferencing and presentation facilities.   If we go back some years the standard [...]

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Be Prepared For An Extreme Winter With Remote Working

By now almost all of us have heard the warnings of what may be to come this winter. With all the potential snow fall that’s been forewarned a lot of roads and offices may be forced to close for potentially some time over the winter months. No matter how dedicated you are the snow may [...]

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100Mb Wireless Broadband

A lot of us have to deal with slow Internet speeds, if you live way out in the sticks like myself it’s just become something we’re used to, we may not be happy about it but ordinarily there’s nothing that can be done. It’s always been that way, no matter how fast the speeds seem [...]

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What to expect when upgrading to fibre based broadband

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) is a hybrid technology used by the national BT network to improve speed and reliability to your premises. A high speed fibre optic cable is run from the telephone exchange to your nearest street cabinet, at which point the line is converted to fit on your copper phone line to [...]

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