Be Prepared For An Extreme Winter With Remote Working

By now almost all of us have heard the warnings of what may be to come this winter. With all the potential snow fall that’s been forewarned a lot of roads and offices may be forced to close for potentially some time over the winter months. No matter how dedicated you are the snow may well make it a physical impossibility to make it into work, this could cause closures and the likely loss of profits over that time. This is where several services we provide can work together to ensure that no matter how extreme the weather gets a business can stay open.

If your staff are unable to make it to work then by using our services we can make it so they don’t need to, by using a combination of cloud computing, Office 365 and our Cisco phone systems it’s possible to do most aspects of an office job from home. Files and e-mail services can be directed to a home PC allowing all of the usual work to be done without leaving the house or from a closer office if one is available. The phones from the closed offices can even be re-directed to a mobile or different land line to keep calls active. failing that an automated message can be created to play and explain the circumstances to the customer when they ring.

If you want to make sure you don’t get beaten by the weather this winter then call Clare on 01305 259849 and discuss the options we can provide for you.

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