100Mb Wireless Broadband

A lot of us have to deal with slow Internet speeds, if you live way out in the sticks like myself it’s just become something we’re used to, we may not be happy about it but ordinarily there’s nothing that can be done. It’s always been that way, no matter how fast the speeds seem to increase in towns and cities, out of the way locations seem too be a few years behind! This is an inconvenience for personal computers but for a company to be stuck on under 5Mb of internet it can be fatal to the survival of a business. Herringston Barn Business park were faced with this exact problem, being limited to speeds of around 2Mb of internet through traditional Broadband.

To find a way around this problem Poundbury Systems set up a 3Km wireless link between the PSL office and Herringston Barn. This allowed us to provide them their internet link over WiFi allowing them to achieve speeds of up to 100Mb rather than the original 2Mb they would have been receiving elsewhere.

If you think we might be able to work with you to create something like this, with innovative, out of the box thinking.  Ring us on 01305 259849 and speak to Clare to discuss weather something like this can be done to help you!


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