Why choose a telephone system from Poundbury Systems?

We have range of options that not only suit your business, but can grow and change as your business does.

Flexible – Simple – Effective

The features you need, at a price you want.

All our Telephone Systems all contain the following features

Our standard telephone systems come with all the features below needed to successfully run any business. Apart from all these useful components, we can also customise your system to provide what you need for your individual business.

Free calls within your own company – All calls to your other offices or home workers equipped with our VoIP phone are entirely free of charge. Calls to other land lines and mobiles are cheaper than BT’s standard rates.

Lower call charges to everyone else – Our phone call charges are significantly lower than most national phone companies’ standard prices without compromising any quality.

Single Bill, Single Point of Contact – One bill and one phone call for all your calls, line rental, broadband and even your IT support.

Main number voice mail – Collected from the phone, remotely or by e-mail. Callers can leave a message out of hours or when your reception staff are busy, safe in the knowledge that their call will be returned swiftly.

Individual voice mails – Any employee you choose can have their own voice mail. Messages can then be forwarded to their e-mail account, mobile phone or can be accessed from their desk phone.

Individual call forwarding – Individual phones can be set to Do Not Disturb. Calls can be forwarded to other extensions, mobiles, home numbers etc.

Presence Indication – See when your colleagues are already on the phone – Have you ever transferred a call to somebody only to find that they are engaged? See with ease who is on the phone or available.

Fully customisable – You can turn on and off features, or add them at a later date.

Easy access to call reporting – Reports are available for you see exactly who has been calling where and for how long.

Geography free – The system can receive numbers that are normally associated with different parts of the country – London for example.

Music on Hold – let your customers hear music while they are on hold.

Home workers – The system can support remote users so working from home becomes easier.

Road Warriors – The system can connect you with those members of staff who are always on the road.


If you would like to see and try one of our phone systems, just call us and we will arrange for a free demonstration.

Additional Services
PSL can supply any other services you might need for your new telephone system, such as a broadband (ADSL) lines and routers.

Common Additional Options:

Automatic greetings – Many professional companies are now or will soon be required by legislation to ensure industry specific announcements are made to each and every caller. Remove the worry for you and the hassle from your reception staff by recording the important messages and letting the system automatically play them for you.

Automatic call routing – Callers can choose 1 for sales 2 for accounts etc. This can save resources on reception and enable calls to be answered with more speed and efficiency.

Paging Service - Do you need to know about emergency calls out of hours? – No problem at all with our system.

Conference calls – Easily talk to any other group of people without the need to get in the car.

Personalised numbers - Individual users can have their own direct dial number – where only their phone will ring – ideal for you to give to your premium clients. These can be geographic i.e 01 or 02 numbers or non-geographic numbers such as 0800/0844/0871 etc

Multiple company numbers - The system can accept calls to multiple numbers and will display the number the caller has dialled – i.e. ‘Sales Order Line’.

Operator software - this can give specific users the ability to drag and drop incoming calls and see the status of all users within the organisation.

Company Specific Directories – these can be synchronised with ‘off phone lists’. Public folders in Microsoft Exchange can be linked to the phones for example.

Click to dial - allows you to select a number on your desktop and dial it by clicking with your mouse.
Screen pops – can show you information about who is calling and be linked to your other internal software, if the necessary external connectors are made available to us.

Time aware behaviour - The system can do different things automatically at different times of day. i.e. all calls to voicemail after 5.30pm.

There are a choice of handsets and we can show you all the options at our demo facilities in Dorchester.


We provide a full installation service. Each system is different and we can provide a wide range of ancillary services.

What Advantages does VoIP have over Traditional Phones Lines?

Benefits of PSL voice – the Poundbury Systems VoIP service:


Examples of reduced line rental with PSL Voice:

Scenario 1
A customer is moving to new premises and wants to be able to make at least 2 concurrent calls.
Savings with PSL Voice in year 1 = £132.40, subsequent years = £32.40

Scenario 2
A customer is moving to new premises and wants to be able to make at least 4 concurrent calls.
Savings with PSL Voice in year 1 = £771.28, subsequent years = £422.28

Scenario 3
A customer has 30 channels on an ISDN 30 and is looking to reduce costs, without losing capacity.
Savings with PSL Voice in year 1 = £4254.52, subsequent years = £5,475.96

Lower Call Costs
For just 1.2 pence per minute (or 1p per minute if you buy a bundle), you can call any local or national geographic number anywhere in the UK and over 32 named other countries.

We have no minimum call spend per month, nor do we make connection charges per call.

If you would like details of call charges to a specific area, or call type, simply ask.

What if I need to keep using traditional phone lines?

That’s not a problem – we can supply these for you, or take control of your existing ones. Our rates are competitive and we can still provide excellent call rates on non-VoIP lines.


The small print
All products and services are subject to PSL’s full terms and conditions. For a more detailed definition of the features included our products and services, please refer to the relevant Key Product Features brochure.