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FutureLine Assure – Automated Online Backups

Your data is important; and being able to recover it when lost can be anything from pleasantly convenient to career-saving. Digital data protection, however, has become complicated. Regardless of economic conditions, people continue to generate data (some at a rate of over 100% year-on-year) and communication advances enable the dispersion of valuable information around the globe. Add to this, the fact that some countries’ national regulations hold private individuals and CEOs personally accountable for the data they and their companies possess and proper data management with reliable back- up and recovery procedures becomes essential.

The core data protection problem

Anytime recovery is only possible if reliable and well-managed backups are performed regularly. Yet popular backup procedures often rely on data owners to back up data themselves and companies employing backup measures tend to assign data management to IT personnel. Neither methods prove reliable. Research shows that the factor posing the highest risk to the back- up process is human error. With a system as vulnerable as this, the high rate of unsuccessful recoveries experienced in the industry is unsurprising.

Industry challenges

Backup processes need to overcome a host of challenges in addition to the risk of human error:

  • Disk, hardware and software malfunction — Corrupt or damaged workstations often render locally stored copies of information inaccessible or useless.
  • Natural disasters, viruses and theft — Damaged or destroyed data needs to be made accessible again.
  • Runaway data growth — Ever increasing data volumes can lead to increased costs, excessive hardware, inefficient data management and eventually failed recoveries.
  • Multiple OS and hardware requirements — Many backup systems are forced to employ a mixture of products to cater for different environments.
  • Data distribution — Research shows that the majority of corporate data leaves the premises daily. Protecting this “orphan” data can be almost impossible without a unifying system.
  • Data management — Decreasing disk prices have encouraged increasing hardware as a solution to data growth but management of what gets backed up and where it is backed up to consequently becomes more difficult.
  • Compliance regulations — National and international data regulations govern some storage processes down to the file-type level.
  • Complicated recovery procedures — At disaster management or file-level, recovery is often difficult and time- consuming.
  • Security — Data regulations and new technologies make data encryption requirements more stringent.

Benefits Of FutureLine Assure

Automatic up-to-the-minute backup scheduling

  • Eliminate the risk of human error by automating backups. FutureLine Assure enables you to create backup schedules that ensure regular backups automatically. Create simple once-a-day schedules or advanced schedules to run on specific days at particular times.

Fully scalable and flexible

  • FutureLine Assure scales seamlessly to accommodate anything from one to thousands of workstations and servers; protecting data across physical platforms, virtual environments and geographic locations.

Intelligent data selection

  • Include or exclude files and folders individually or use profiling and filters to automate file inclusions and exclusions based on filename or file type.

Anywhere, anytime recovery

  • Recover critical data in seconds over a Local Area Network connection or the Internet at the push of a button.

Central user management

  • The FutureLine Assure Storage Platform Console helps those managing multiple users by providing them with a single interface for monitoring and administering all Backup Accounts. Remote Management gives the administrator full control of all Backup Clients’ activities and filters, making it easy to enforce backup procedure compliance.

Off-site data storage

  • Ensure data protection, even in the event of disaster, using off-site storage at leading FutureLine Assure enabled data centres.

Lower disk space and bandwidth usage

  • The  patching process, combined with individual file de-duplication, ensures de-duplication across all Backup Accounts; lowering disk space and bandwidth usage and accelerating backups.

High level of security

  • SSL protocol-encrypted network communications, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Storage Platform data encryption, Backup Client user authentication, Web Access user authentication and adjustable Backup Client user permissions ensure the highest level of backup environment security.

Server Edition (SE)

  • With a simple three-step recovery system, small and large server networks are reliably protected with Server Edition (SE).
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix operating systems, SE ensures flexible and scalable server data protection.

Back up files and databases, including:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Oracle
  • Lotus Domino

Desktop & Laptop Edition (DL)

  • Enables automatic backup of data from desktop PCs and notebooks running Windows or Mac to an off-site data centre via a Local Area Network or Internet connection.
  • Whether protecting a single machine or a network of thousands, FutureLine Assure provides the same high level of security and reliability while allowing Backup Administrators to add or remove users from the setup seamlessly and manage all Backup Accounts remotely via a single Console.
  • Recovery is as simple as selecting the items you wish to restore, choosing a location and clicking Restore.